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Обо мне:

A young educator with a highly enthusiastic teaching experience and eager to provide all students with a solid education. Talent for bringing the classroom to life with real-world examples and innovative technology. Proven ability for discovering students’ varying learning styles, ensuring each student’s unique academic needs are met. Self-directed with a passionate commitment to student development and learning experience. Skilled in the design of challenging, enriching and innovative activities that address the diverse interest and need of students in the modern day E-Learning Classroom.



 (03.2020 – Present ): Master’s in Business Administration/University of the
People, California-United State
 (09.2013 - 09.2016): Bachelors of Education in English Modern Letters/University of Bamenda
(Teachers’ Training College) Bamenda-Cameroon
 (10.2010 - 10.2013): Bachelors of Science in Banking and Finance/University
of Buea, Buea-Cameroon
 (2013): Certification in Computerized Accounting/Laurate Business College,

Опыт работы:

 Al Manar Private School, Hamad town, Kingdom of Bahrain, (03/2020 – Present)
Designation: Teacher
{Task and/or Responsibilities}
 Teacher-learner participating standard lessons based on school’s curriculum.
 Deliver my lessons using videos, pictures and Power Point Presentation rating to 85% of lesson
 80% of the talking is done by the learners. (Room for learners to brainstorm and seek solutions to
 Evaluating their knowledge and understanding, analysis and skills, application techniques and
 Assigning homework daily, graded and documented progress.
 Delivered personalized instructions to each student by encouraging interactive learning while
implementing social distancing.

 PINNACLE OF SUCCESS ACADEMY, Yaoundé-Cameroon, (07.2017 – 08.2019)
Designation: Administrator cum Economics & Business Studies Teacher
{Task and/or Responsibilities}
 Participated in the hiring of staff and instituted quality staff with input over 150% and result in 100% success.
 Designed copies for all marketing collateral, including brochures, letters, slogans, links, pages and
website which created awareness to more than 1000 new clients.
 Achieved a result with a 100% passed and among the top 10 schools in Yaoundé in the Cameroon
General Certificate of Examination Ordinary Level and Advanced Level.
 Accomplished 100% passed with “A” grades and “B” grades of students in English Language in the
Cameroon General Certificate of Examination Ordinary Level for 2018-2019 academic year.
 Assessed teaching methods and monitored the academic and moral achievements of students and both were achieved by over 10% every term.
 Programmed a report booklet using a spreadsheet which eliminated over $600 cost per year and saved over 100+ hours in the academic year.

 MAISON DOLA SECONDARY SCHOOL, Yaoundé-Cameroon, (04.2014 - 06.2017)
Designation: Economics & Commerce Teacher
{Task and/or Responsibilities}
 Orientated 75% of students with subject choices based on their career paths.
 Encouraged other teachers to attend workshops and participated as a speaker which improved on
result and Income by at least 15% annually.
 Transformed a student with English as a second language, to be among top 10 students in class
with a 15+ average.
 Headed the hygiene club in school to improve campus’ sanitation by 5% of students per toilet.

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